Apparently, Only Mathematicians Can Use This Restaurant’s Wi-Fi

A Thai food restaurant in Texas has made it nearly impossible to crack its Wi-Fi password by requiring people to solve a complex math equation.

Finding an establishment that offers free Wi-Fi is just one step below winning the lottery for all the internet junkies who hate using up their data.

However, one Texas restaurant’s Wi-Fi password is so complicated that it’s not even worth signing into.

YaYa’s Thai restaurant in San Antonio is either extremely cruel or incredibly brilliant for requiring its customers to figure out a terrifying math equation in order to use their wireless internet.

Reddit user Joshua_Glock posted a photo of a handwritten sign hanging up at the restaurant with a complicated math problem written out under the words “Wi-Fi Password.”

This is the Wifi password at a local Thai restaurant. I'm determined to join their network. Where are the math wizards at? from funny

At first glance, the intimidating equation looks nearly impossible to figure out, and even the thought of trying is headache-inducing.

Nevertheless, the undeterred math geniuses of Reddit took some shots at solving the problem, using confusing mathematical terms that went way over our heads.

There was at least one commenter, however, who seems to think the equation is just one big hoax with no real answer.

Another person thought of an ingenious yet deceitful way to get out of the problem altogether, which involves pretending to be blind.

On the one hand, YaYa’s came up with a clever way to prevent people from lingering around the restaurant just to use their Wi-Fi and/or being too immersed in their electronics to actually enjoy their meal.

But on the flip side, it could also cost them business by discouraging customers on the go who want to grab a bite in the midst of completing some important work.

Hypothetically, if you’ve got just enough time to eat and put the finishing touches on your big presentation before the afternoon staff meeting, you probably don’t have time to break out the graphing calculator and tackle this grueling problem.

This may be harsh, but the best (and most timely) solution to all of this is to go somewhere else entirely where the owners are more generous with their Wi-Fi.  

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Danish Siddiqui

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