Bad Day? ‘CuteAnimalTweetOff’ Is What You Need In Your Life

As politicians and controversies make headlines, a tweet off erupted between an aquarium and several zoos and it is exactly what everyone needs.

Prepare yourself for an assortment of adorable animals with the #CuteAnimalTweetOff and take a break from all the sad, controversial news surrounding you these days. 

This enormously adorable tweet off began when the Smithsonian's National Zoo announced the birth of an adorable gray seal to the world in a press release on Twitter.


Soon after, Twitter user Sarah Hill from Virginia tagged the Virginia Aquarium page and asked them to show their move.


The challenge was accepted and Twitter was inundated with the most amazing and heartwarming pictures of koalas, orangutans, pandas, sea mammals and everything that will make you go "aww."





Within no time, a war took over the Twittersphere with zoos and aquariums sharing adorable pictures of animals.








What a war this turned out to be…




Admittedly, there is nothing cuter than this sea lion:


Or is there?




Some of the zoos were late to the party, but they had some amazing contenders too.




Social media users also facilitated to spread the campaign’s message.


This is a true example of social media done right. We believe everyone was a winner of this competition and the challenge was definitely worth it.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters  

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