Man Films Himself Speeding In His Porsche With Foot On The Dashboard

The driver is believed to have fled to Dubai after he was bailed out. Police recovered 19 handgun bullets and an iPhone 6 containing more than 1,000 videos.

U.K. police are looking for a convicted robber who posted a photo of himself wearing a stolen Rolex and filmed himself speeding on London roads.

After cops searched 29-year-old Adam Ali's home, they recovered 19 handgun bullets and an iPhone 6 that contains more than 1,000 videos. Of them, one shows him driving at 98 mph in his Porsche while resting his foot on the dashboard and showing off his jewelry.

After being released on bail, Ali is believed to have fled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, after allegedly applying for a passport under a different name. He has also "taunted cops from his hideaway," U.K. tabloid The Sun reported.

The behavior, according to Judge Martin Beddoe, “demonstrates his rather contemptible attitude to law enforcement.”

Ali was convicted of two counts of dangerous driving at Southwark Crown Court in his absence.

"The evidence in this case demonstrates, in my judgment, a profligate disregard by this defendant for the rules of the road," the judge stated in his remarks. "The interests of other road users and, indeed, pedestrians and persons otherwise in the vicinity of the highway. Public roads are not to be used as if they are race tracks."

Ali's case is just one of the often-reported cases of Middle Eastern citizens causing trouble on U.K. roads while driving luxury cars.

A 2013 Channel 4 documentary even shed light on the tensions between home owners in Knightsbridge, London, and millionaire visitors, mostly from the Middle East, driving dangerously and performing life-endangering stunts in their area.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

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