'Are You Gonna Sneeze?' Paul Ryan Shuts Down Dabbing Teen At Ceremony

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan was puzzled by a teen who was dabbing during his father, Roger Marshall's, Congressional swearing-in ceremony.

House Speaker Paul Ryan was confused by a teen boy dabbing during his father's Congressional swearing in ceremony, asking "Are you gonna sneeze?"

Roger Marshall, a representative from Kansas, was being photographed with his hand on a Bible in a ceremonial swearing-in with Ryan, when one of Marshall's children did the popular dance move.

Ryan was clearly perturbed by the movement and asked Marshall's son, "You alright?" to which the boy nodded.

Still distracted, Ryan insisted, "Are you gonna sneeze, is that it?"

The boy, finally realizing Ryan wasn't going to let him get through the whole photo op dabbing, dropped his arms with an obvious grin on his face.

Twitter cracked up at Ryan's ignorance as well as the teen's audacity, citing everything from deep embarrassment to admiration for the bold stunt.

Whether the teen intended the gesture as a political statement, a protest, or a prank remains to be seen. But as the GOP takes the majority in the government, with promises to crack down on the civil rights of many Americans, the internet will be getting some vindictive enjoyment out of Ryan's awkward flub.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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