#AshtonKutcher Trends As People Hope Inauguration Is A Punk'd Episode

During President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Americans hoped that "Punk’d" host Ashton Kutcher would bring this nightmare to an end by revealing it was all a joke.

Although MTV’s “Punk’d” has been off the air since 2012, many Americans were crossing their fingers in hopes that President Donald Trump’s election win and presidency is just one big prank.

We all remember the elaborate, infuriating hoaxes Ashton Kutcher — the show’s host — would put all of his celebrity pals through, only to laugh at their expense.

Then, just as the unsuspecting guest reached their peak level of anger or distress, Kutcher would come in with his camera crew and say those infamous four words, “You just got punk’d!”

Early Friday as the inaugural ceremonies got under way, Kutcher began trending on Twitter as many people were keeping hope alive that he would make an appearance to save the day and reveal this was all a joke.

Alas, Kutcher was nowhere to be found as Americans watched with clenched teeth while Vice President Mike Pence was sworn in, followed by Trump.

Just like that, our fears became a reality, leaving us to mourn what is sure to be the death of democracy as we know it.

The Trump reign presidency has officially begun. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters

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