Astronauts Take ‘Mannequin Challenge’ To New Gravity-Defying Heights

In one last hurrah for the biggest viral trend of the year, the International Space Station astronauts literally took the Mannequin Challenge to new heights.

With 2016 finally ending, it was only fair for the biggest viral challenge of the year to go out with a bang.

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut with the European Space Agency, recently shared a gravity-defying video of himself and other five crewmembers performing the “Mannequin Challenge” aboard the International Space Station.

Due to zero-gravity, the astronauts had to cling to footholds and handholds to complete the challenge, but suffice to say they nailed it, big time.

“On Sunday we generally have a day off with the crew and we often have a bit of fun in microgravity,” Pesquet posted on Facebook. “We got the whole International Space Station crew together and took the #MannequinChallenge to new heights. The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don't you think?”

As for the missing "Black Beatles,” don’t worry, Twitter has got you covered:



As horrible as 2016 was, it did grace us with some rather impressive Mannequin Challenge videos.



Some were rather powerful:



Others were just adorable:



Awwww they almost got it 😂❤️ #mannequinchallenge

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There were also some bad ones:



And some totally missed the point:

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