This Audi Ad Comparing Brides To Used Cars Is Absolutely Cringeworthy

The controversial advert compares women to second-hand cars, imploring people to carefully “examine” the two before making a final decision.

As far as the most sexist ad of 2017 is concerned, it seems like Audi already has the title in its pocket.

While body shaming and objectification of women appears to have become an integral part of most advertisement campaigns, the luxury carmaker takes the cake with its latest commercial that only aired in theaters and online in China.

Fair warning: It is probably the most cringeworthy thing you will watch today.

The controversial ad opened with an outdoor wedding, showing a bride and groom standing below the arch, preparing to take their vows. However, before they could proceed, the groom’s mother made a dramatic appearance, interrupting the wedding. The guests began to whisper among themselves frantically and the couple-to-be looked on in horror as the older woman approached them.

Then things took a weird turn.

Apparently, the soon-to-be mother-in-law wanted to make sure her son was marrying a suitable woman — and she did that by physically examining the bride in front of the guests in quite a derogatory way. The commercial showed the woman pinch the bride’s nose, pull back her ears, and examine her teeth as if she was an inanimate object.

 “What are you doing?” the groom asked in Mandarin.

His mother responded by walking away, but not before turning around to give her approval, prompting a sigh of (short-lived) relief from the bride and groom.

The ad then cut to a video of a red Audi as a male voiceover said, “An important decision must be made carefully.” A message then flashed onscreen, encouraging people to check out “Audi-approved” used cars.

“Only with an official certification can you rest easy,” the narration continued.

To put it simply, the German automobile company — or at least the advertisement company they hired — believes women are just like used cars and men must carefully examine the two before choosing.

This is just disturbing and wrong on so many levels.

Meanwhile, Audi responded to the criticism by declaring its deep regret for the ad, according to Reuters. The company also withdrew the overwhelmingly misogynistic ad.

However, feel free to watch it in the video above.

Thumbnail / Banner : Reuters

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