Company Admits Fooling People With Fake Viral Videos For 2 Years

A company producing awesome viral videos that always take the internet by storm just admitted it has been fooling people for the past two years.

A few months ago a video of a bear chasing a snowboarder made rounds on the internet, followed by a huge debate about whether or not the clip was real.

Now in the latest news, an Australian company has confessed to the world that since the past two years, it had been involved in the creation of fake viral videos. The video of the bear and snowboarder was just one of around eight in total that purposefully tricked viewers.

The organization known as The Woolshed Company is based in Melbourne and has viral videos including a lion taking revenge from a trophy hunter, a man fighting off a shark in Sydney Harbor and a crazy guy running into a tornado to take a selfie.

Apparently, throughout the two years,  Woolshed had been carrying out a social experiment to determine how one can create content that will go around the world without having to pay for its publicity.

"We set out to better understand exactly how to create short-form, highly sharable, ‘snackable’ content, that is capable of reaching worldwide mass audiences without the luxury of pricey media buys, ad campaigns, publicity strategies or distribution deals," the company explained on its website.

The authenticity of the video was so questionable, people who doubted whether they were real or fake would share the clips with others, who would further give their opinion and pass it on. This way, these videos soon became the talk of the town and got thousands of hits, while the creators sat back and enjoyed making fools out of people.

The videos have been viewed in over 180 countries, attracted 500,000 plus comments and amassed around 205 million online views.

Hopefully, this incident will teach people not to believe everything they come across on the internet.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters, Shannon Stapleton

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