Angry Baboon Expresses His Annoyance In The Yuckiest Way Possible

This suffering baboon was fed up with the little girls’ antics and decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget.

This baboon did not appreciate the attention of these little girls and the primate expressed its displeasure in the grossest way possible.

During a family outing at Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina, two little girls approached a baboon trapped in a cage. As the animal noticed their scrutiny, it moved to the other side of the cage. The little girl wearing a pink shirt promised the baboon some food if it let her get a good look at him and then tossed something at the cage. Then the other girl started gesticulating with her arms, probably to make the animal come closer.

Apparently, the baboon took offense at their actions and got aggravated. It banged the bars of the cage viciously with its clenched fists, then picked up some of its fecal material from the ground and hurled it at the two girls. The girls immediately drew back in dismay, but the poop hit the girl dressed in blue with pinpoint accuracy.

Little Girl

The little girl got teary eyed and whimpered, “I hate this place,” and although we feel sorry for the little girl, we’re happy the baboon successfully achieved the peace and quiet it so badly wanted.

Incidents like these are not wholly unexpected when they involve caged animals. The maltreatment at the hands of owners and public alike, coupled with being in closed confines, can make the animal cranky and exhibit disturbing behavior.

An orca at Sea World kept beaching itself, probably in a bid to get out of its imprisonment. A polar bear in a Chinese shopping mall looks like he is on the verge of death and has been dubbed “the world’s saddest bear.” Tomi the brown bear, living in captivity at an Albanian restaurant, bites itself due to immense boredom.

Animal conservation groups try to bring attention to these mistreated animals and advocate for the end of animal captivity, but the world has of yet largely failed to listen to their pleas.

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