Barista Can't Tell The Difference Between Helen Hunt And Jodie Foster

Actress Helen Hunt tweeted about her hilarious experience at Starbucks where she was recently mistaken for another actress who actually looks a lot like her.

Academy Award-winning actress Helen Hunt posted a tweet about a recent Starbucks experience during which she was mistaken for a totally different Academy Award-winning actress.

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“Ordered my drink @Starbucks Asked the barista if she wanted my name,” Hunt tweeted with a photo of her iced beverage. “She winked and said. ‘We gotcha’ #JodieFoster”

This scenario is hilarious for several reasons. For one thing, the mix-up isn’t too surprising considering Hunt and Foster have similar features including fair skin and blonde hair with a slim physique.

They also both claim the same profession, obviously.

Some people even tweeted responses to Hunt claiming they’ve never known the difference between the two women in the first place.

The barista’s confidence in believing she knew the actress’s identity is also pretty comical.

It’s as if she tried to earn some cool points by recognizing a celebrity without being told who they are, and then she got it wrong.

That’s not even the worst part; the barista also did not spell “Jodie” correctly. She wrote, “Jody,” which is a name that technically doesn’t belong to Hunt or Foster.

She didn’t know whose order she was taking or how to spell the name of the person she thought she was helping —way to go!

A similar incident happened to renowned comedian Kevin Hart who was mistaken for fellow comedian Chris Rock.

Hart didn’t bother to correct the eager “fan” who called him the wrong name; instead he went along with it and actually pretended to be Rock.

Lesson of the day, it doesn’t hurt to double check with Google before approaching a celebrity. 

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