New Yorker Live Tweets Barista Love Story Unfolding Before His Eyes

"I'm leaving now because they're closing but tonight has firmly renewed my faith in humanity LOVE IS OUT THERE, BE LIKE CAFE GIRL AND FIND IT," Twitter user @notjerryclayton tweeted at the end of a romantic display.


They found love in a lonely place — or, in this case, a nearly empty cafe, save for one romantic soul.

Twitter user @notjerryclayton, only known as Jerry, is such soul. 

Based on his tweets, Jerry appears to be a student at New York University. 

Therefore, the beautiful love story ahead takes place — where else? — in New York City.

It all begins in a Brooklyn cafe, where a barista confesses her romantic feelings to a coworker. 

In a suspenseful twist, the recipient says he needs time to reflect. Ugh!

The girl's left waiting, her heart on the line. Who HASN'T been in her shoes, honestly?

Jerry ends up getting his refill, and the guy's taking his sweet time to contemplate, apparently. 

And then, the defining move. Try not to shriek in enthusiasm — this is a scene straight out of a Meg Ryan rom-com.

Jerry, ever the supportive spectator, allows the newly minted lovebirds their privacy.

The brave barista even gives Jerry a bakery treat for his accommodation.

If there's one thing Jerry learned, it's that love is alive and well. It's wisdom that's easy to forget when dating gets difficult, especially during the holidays when your Great Aunt Shirley is pestering you about your love life. You know what they say: There's someone for everyone.

Just take that leap of faith, no matter how big or small.

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