Overjoyed Basketball Fan Wins $10,000 With Bizarre Half-Court Shot

An Atlanta Hawks fan named Norman is about to have a very merry Christmas, all thanks to his sidewinder shot.

An Atlanta Hawks fan drained a basketball shot from half-court at Philips Arena, Atlanta, recently to win $10,000.

The half-court shot is a tradition followed in basketball during the breaks to keep the fans engaged while the broadcasters make money with the commercials.

A spectator wearing the Hawks sweatshirt was randomly selected from the crowd to make a long-distance shot as part of the fans’ entertainment program during a break.

The man, who introduced himself as Norman, took to the court and astonished the audience by drilling the shot.

As is evident from the video, his form may not have been the best, but all’s well that ends well.

After dribbling the ball in what could only be described as a unique way, Norman finally made the half-court shot, stunning everyone with the final goal.

So it’s definitely going to be a nice Christmas for Norman, all thanks to his sidewinder shot.

When asked before the $10,000 shot what he would do with the winnings, Norman said he would “enjoy Christmas.”

Hawks fans on Twitter also reacted with delight to Norman's success.

As for the game, the Hawks lost 105-91 to the Detroit Pistons to drop to a depressing 6-22 on the season, but at least not all of the Hawks fans went home feeling dejected and defeated.

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