BBC Reporter Was So Distracted By Phone She Forgot She Was On-Air

A reporter for BBC News wasn’t ready to begin her broadcast because she was too busy fiddling with her phone and viewers let her know that they noticed.


The working world is very aware that cell-phone use is generally frowned upon while on the clock, but that doesn’t stop just about everyone from doing it anyway.

The BBC’s Joanna Gosling has proven to the world that she is one of those people who can’t help but take a sneak peak at her phone during downtime.

Gosling was so wrapped up in whatever she was doing on her phone that she missed her cue to start the network’s lunchtime bulletin and was caught live with her eyes glued to her handheld screen.

With no time to process what was happening, Gosling quickly fixed her posture, put down her phone, and began her broadcast as professionally as any other day.

Unfortunately, the little mishap opened the floodgates to ridicule from Twitter users who couldn’t help but point out what they had witnessed.

The jokes and gifs began making their rounds with people accusing her of everything from texting to playing Candy Crush. For the sake of professionalism, she might want to run with the excuse that she was reading some very important emails.

While most brushed the incident off as a humorous mistake, let’s hope her bosses felt the same and Gosling’s job is not in jeopardy. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @AC_610

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