Watch Bear Opening A Family's Car Door At Yellowstone National Park

Watching wildlife from up-close is pretty memorable, but having a bear stand 2 inches away from you with nothing in between crosses the line into terrifying.

A family was driving through Yellowstone National Park earlier in June, when they had an experience of a lifetime.

The parents and children, who thought they were pretty safe inside their vehicle, didn’t seem worried by a bear's presence as the father tried to photograph the animal.

One of the children in the car is heard saying, “The bear is right next to us” in a scared voice. They were soon taken by surprise when the large animal opened the car door and began peeping inside.

Panicked, and unsure of what to do next, the children in the car began to scream as their parents who sat in the front seat scrambled to deal with the situation. The woman in the front seat didn’t seem very afraid as she said “Stop screaming! Why are you opening the door?”

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The father, who was previously clicking a picture of the bear, then pulled the car door shut with his feet and immediately drove off.

The park’s website states that visitors often used to feed bears from their vehicles, and thus it comes as no surprise that this furry animal stopped by the family’s car. Perhaps he was only expecting to be fed, and didn’t mean any harm. The park currently houses hundreds of bears.

The video of the interesting encounter was posted to YouTube where internet users left comments. “Yikes nothing like being up close and personal with a BEAR... Scary!!!! I would think that following that ordeal that the family will be double checking to assure that their doors are locked,” one person said.

Although they got away safe, it is likely that the petrified children will never forget their encounter with the bear. 

Check out the video above.

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