Bees Swarm The Streets Of London In Freak Incident

The bees were everywhere in London. The sight caused so much of a ruckus, traffic was halted until a beekeeper came to remove the insects from the city.

Bees are in trouble, but not in London, apparently. Time reports they swarmed in Greenwich Park and onto north London's Greenwich Church Street on May 16, landing on traffic lights and things of the like. 

The good folk of London captured the chaotic scene on camera and shared for all of Twitter to see. 

Of course, Twitter wasn't shy about commenting on the incident.

According to The Independent, traffic literally slowed and pedestrians were frozen in their tracks. 

"It was just literally swarming, above the cars around the one way system," London business owner Abigail Hering said to Metro UK

The phenomenon lasted at least 60 minutes, Hering told Metro UK:

"When I left work, I went to walk towards my car, they were on the traffic lights. Millions of them on the traffic lights. And then at that point they’d come lower so they were actually buzzing around the people. And while I was videoing them I looked down and I could see literally the front of me covered in bees. They were on me. They were on everybody. They were in your hair, on your top."

Finally, a local beekeeper saved the day and moved the bees. Incredibly, no one was stung.

The bees are back, perhaps?

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr user Francis Chung

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