Bernie Sanders Hailed As Hero After Rushing To Aid Man Who Fainted

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders ditched his speech to rush to the aid of an on-stage supporter who suddenly fainted.

First Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders consoles a crying woman struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage, now he’s making headlines for bringing out his superhero alter-ego to help a man who fainted during one of his speeches.

Sanders was in the middle of a speech on gun control in New Hampshire when an on-stage supporter suddenly passed out.

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Upon hearing the thud of the man hitting the floor, Sanders flinched, then sprinted over to him and called for a doctor. The man very quickly regained consciousness and was escorted off stage.

After the incident, Sanders returned to the podium to resume his speech, although, he was reportedly still visibly concerned.

Was the whole thing staged just to make Sanders look good and get him some extra good press?

Probably not; one reason is because his reaction to the fainting appears extremely genuine in the video footage, so, he’s either an excellent actor or he really wasn’t expecting someone to hit the ground right next to him.

Actually, Sanders is no stranger to removing his “presidential hat” for the sake of helping someone else in a crisis. In October, he helped save MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell who was almost trampled in a media frenzy surrounding Sanders during the first Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In this situation, he could have just stood in shock like many others on stage did when the man fainted, but he didn’t. This incident symbolizes that Sanders isn’t just blowing steam when he says he cares about the well-being of the American people. 

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