Woman Calls Cops After Restaurant Stiffed Her On Sriracha

A woman was upset that the restaurant staff who served her failed to give her an "adequate" amount of Sriracha sauce, so she called the police.

Bottles of Sriracha sauce on the shelves.

A Seattle woman lost her mind, albeit momentarily, because she loved Sriracha sauce a tad too much.

The 36-year-old woman was attempting to enjoy her pizza at a local restaurant this week when she noticed that the staff hadn’t provided her with what she called an adequate amount of the spicy stuff. Feeling let down, she decided to fight with every inch of her being, going as far as calling 911 to report that the restaurant’s employees were “yelling at her and calling her names” just because she was unhappy about the service.

As police officers arrived at the scene, they found the woman and a 45-year-old man being confronted by a 29-year-old who approached them after they left the restaurant, throwing a garbage can at them.

Restaurant staff told police that the woman had been asked to leave after creating a “disturbance inside when she did not receive what she believed to be an adequate amount of Sriracha sauce.”

The 29-year-old who assaulted the couple ended up being arrested but released shortly after.

It’s unfortunate that the police had to get involved and that a third person assaulted the woman and her companion even after they had already left the restaurant, but nobody should blame her for fighting for everybody’s favorite hot sauce.

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