Best Buy Employees Surprise Kid Who Visited Store Daily To Play Wii U

Rahiem Storr shared a video of employees at a Best Buy store presenting a teenager with his very own Wii U, as he stood surprised and at a loss for words.

A teenage boy came in to a Best Buy store in Valley Stream, New York, on a daily basis to play the Nintendo Wii U.

Noticing this, the employees at the shop decided to surprise their visitor with an early Christmas present. They chipped in to buy him his very own gaming console and presented it to him while he was at the store.

The manager, Rahiem Storr, recorded the heartwarming exchange as one staff member handed over the box to the teen while others stood around, watching the teen’s reaction.

"On behalf of all of us here at Best Buy, we got you a Wii U so you don't have to come here every day and play. So this is something that we did for you, everybody here, that you see here, we all got together and chipped in so you can have one for yourself,” the employee said.

The boy, who seemed like he could hardly believe his ears, sat in shock and looked confused.

“I’m being serious. For real. It’s for you. It will be your Christmas present, all right? Early Christmas present,” the employee insisted.

The teen appeared to be crying and wiping tears off his face before he stood up to shake hands with the Best Buy staff member.

Another employee posted a video of the boy accepting his gift on Instagram.


A video posted by ?? (@_modollaz) on


“Special shout outs to Ken(the speaker) @singaso, he actually delivered the Wii U to the young man's home where his loving parents were more than ecstatic that a group of people were so kind. Yes!!!! ....the young man has a TV and he also has his favorite game. We've mentioned that whenever he is in the area he is more than welcome to return to play if he'd like!” the Instagram user wrote.

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