Soccer Fan’s Crowdsurfing Attempt Goes Drastically Wrong

Peter Yates decided to dive off a wall into a crowd of waiting spectators during a championship match, but his efforts fell flat – no pun intended.

If you ever have the urge to throw yourself upon people celebrating the victory of your favorite soccer team, please make sure that at least a few of them are willing (and able) to catch you. Otherwise, the art of crowd surfing could lead to a potential disaster, like a broken nose, for instance.

A video, which is making rounds on the internet, shows exactly what happens when a crowdsurfing attempt does not go as smoothly as planned.

Filmed and shared on Facebook by Matt Caswell, the clip captures the moment an avid soccer fan, identified as Wolverhampton Wanderers fan Peter Yates, dived off a wall at St. Andrew's Stadium into a crowd of waiting spectators during the Championship match with Birmingham City.

Unfortunately, his effort fell flat — literally.

Though Yates managed to execute a somewhat perfect dive, his plan didn’t go accordingly when no one tried to catch him.

He landed face first on the ground.

“A couple of fans attempted to do a bit of crowd surfing,” said Caswell. “Unfortunately this guy didn’t really check who was going to catch him and went head first into the concrete. He got straight up, a bit dazed but seemed OK.”


Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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