Black Twitter Drags Yahoo After It Said ‘Trump Wants A N***er Navy’

An egregious typo made by Yahoo Finance stating President-elect Donald Trump “wanted a much n***er navy,” had Black Twitter on fire with ridicule.

An innocent tweet went awry on Friday morning after Yahoo Finance seemingly forgot to proofread before posting to the social media platform that President-elect Donald Trump didn’t want a bigger navy, but rather a “n***er navy.” Given Trump’s track record, we are assuming he doesn’t want this kind of fleet.

After a painfully too long 45 minutes, Yahoo apologized for their flagrant mistake and deleted the tweet, but the damage was already done.

Black Twitter caught wind of the post and, thanks to screenshots, turned the gaffe into a hilarious Yahoo roast, using the hashtag “N***erNavy.” The hashtag was presumably started by Twitter user @JeSuisDawn and imagined just how hype Trump’s navy would be if that typo was actually fact.

While the spelling error might have cost one young Yahoo intern their job, it gave rise to Black Twitter as one of the top trending hashtags of the day and proved that the community can twist a potentially disastrous situation into an epic tweetstorm. 

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters

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