Bloodied Elephant Goes On Rampage, Destroys Hundreds Of Homes

A terrified female elephant went on a terrifying rampage through numerous villages and cities that lasted well over several hours on Wednesday morning.

A bloodied, wild elephant went on a horrific rampage on Wednesday, destroying nearly 100 homes and crushing countless parked cars and motorcycles.

The frightened and panicked elephant, covered in cuts and blood, left a path of destruction from the Baikunthapur forest, crossing roads and a small river before entering the town of Siliguri in the West Bengal state.

Residents clamored up on roofs and balconies, videotaping the elephant as it continued its rampage. The heartbreaking images of the elephant were plastered all over Twitter, and soon video footage was uploaded to YouTube.

Eventually, the elephant made its way to the small village of Ektiasal, where it knocked over several small huts near the riverbank.

“The elephant entered from a nearby forest area,” villager Milan Saha said. “It has destroyed many houses and people are scared and helpless.”

Divisional Forest Officer Basab Rai says that the elephant was probably looking for food when it wandered into the village.

Finally, after several hours and numerous rounds from a tranquilizer gun, the elephant was finally stopped. As the elephant began to calm down, workers clamored to lift it into a truck with a crane before transporting it back to the forest.

Check out the incredible video below:

Banner Image Credit: FastestBreakingNews/YouTube

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