The Legend Of Amazon's 'Boiling River' Is True

Geoscientist Andres Ruzo has discovered a “Boiling River” in the Amazon, which is so hot it can literally boil anything that falls into it within seconds.

A legendary river that interestingly boils (yes, you read that right) has been found in the Amazon by geoscientist Andres Ruzo.

The four-mile long river has remained a legend in Peru since long and is far from any active volcanoes. However, its water is so hot it can literally boil any animal or human alive.

Ruzo, who went to see the legend with his own eyes, had a rather strange experience when he asked the locals for tea and was told to use the water from the lake. Surprisingly, the water tasted pleasant and was surely hot enough to make tea, Ruzo explained in a Ted talk.

Although the surrounding forest has been destroyed by logging practices, Ruzo has been making efforts to save the river. He has also published a book “The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon” along with setting up a website called, “The Boiling River Project.”

Hopefully, scientists will now turn their attention towards this river and look into the smaller details involved in the process of creating it. Until then, Ruzo is publicizing it amongst people to create awareness about the rare natural phenomenon.

Banner / Thumbnail : Pixabay / Larisa-K

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