Boris Johnson Quickly Regrets Asking A Fortune Teller For A Prediction

Boris Johnson didn’t see this amazing prediction coming.



British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was a little too keen on finding out the 2017 general elections results — so much so that he asked a fortune teller to make a prediction.

“Can you tell us what your forecast is,” the Conservative Party member asked a woman standing in the doorway of a spiritual shop in Plymouth, southwest England.

However, it wasn’t the woman who answered the question. Instead, the man standing right next to her replied immediately: “Oh, I’d say Labour."

“You’d say Labour,” repeated Johnson, appearing slightly uncomfortable as he hid his humiliation behind his laugh.

As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough, Johnson then handed a piece of paper to the lady, and asked her if this was her official forecast. 

Little did he know that he would forever regret her response.

"You're having a laugh," she slammed Johnson.

"You're taking away my pension and then my rights and then you come and ask me for something for nothing," she added, taking a jab at Johnson’s flawed pension fund logic.

Johnson is of the view that employees’ pension funds should be invested in the business of their employers. But logically, the pension scheme funds must be separate from the employers’ business perspective.

The fortune teller tore apart the red-faced foreign secretary, who has a penchant for getting involved in embarrassing situations. During the London 2012 Olympic celebrations, for instance, he wasstuck dangling in mid-air while riding a zip wire in Victoria Park, London.

People on Twitter had quite a reaction to Johnson’s latest encounter.








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