True Spirit! Boston College Runner Helps Rival Cross The Finish Line

A great display of sportsmanship was witnessed as runners from Louisville and Clemson stopped to help a Boston College runner cross the finish line.

It was a sign of true sportsmanship during a cross-country championship race involving a Massachusetts runner.

Just about 20 yards from the finish line during the ACC women’s cross-country championship on Friday, Boston College’s Madeline Adams fell to the ground and struggled to get back to her feet.

With competitors streaming toward the finish line, Clemson’s Evie Tate and Louisville’s Rachel Pease went out of their way to pick Adams off the ground and help her finish the race. The pair eventually helped Adams cross the finish line, where they were met by Adams' Boston College teammates, who embraced them.

It was an amazing display of sportsmanship, just two runners forgetting about a rivalry to help someone finish a race.

All of the action was captured on the ACC Network’s broadcast of the race.

The video has been viewed on Facebook more than 1 million times.

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