Boston Marathon Amputee Engaged To Firefighter Who Rescued Her

Roseann Sdoia, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombing, fell in love with Mike Materia, the emergency worker who saved her life four years ago.

Roseann Sdoia, 48, survived the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013. 

Although she lost her leg in the attack, she found lasting love — with the firefighter who rescued her. In a video for the BBC, Sdoia, a long distance runner, said she remembers "pretty much everything" about the fateful day. 

"I do remember when the first explosion happened and the crowd went silent," Sdoia said.

She was cheering on her friend at the race when the bombs went off.

"I had seen two flashes of white light at my feet," she said. "And then, kind of, everything went blank."

According to Fox News, firefighter Mike Materia, 37, rescued her and accompanied Sdoia on the way to Massachusetts General Hospital. 

“I asked him if I was going to die," she said to Fox News. "And he told me that I was going to be OK, that I only had a flesh wound." 

Sdoia told the BBC that Materia pulled out all the stops to aid her.

"He really secured me in, and he was using his body to keep the board that I was on steady on this metal bench," Sdoia said, "and balance himself, and hold the tourniquet, and hold my hand, and talk to me."

"He was definitely memorable at that moment," she added.

Fox News reports Sdoia continued to heal at the hospital in intensive care. Meanwhile, Materia was impressing her mother. 

"She was like, ‘Oh, did you see that firefighter? He's so cute.' And I was like, ‘Mom, I just got blown up.'"

They went on a date in June 2013, and in January 2016, Materia proposed at a whaling museum in Nantucket, with their dog, Sal, nearby. 

"I say a lot of times that it was a lot of bad, but there's even so much more good that's come out of it," Sdoia said to the BBC. "And this definitely, kind of, turns it into that positive side of things. And I had a good life before, and it's continuing, especially having Mike in there."

In the time since the bombing, Sdoia wrote a book titled, "Perfect Strangers: Friendship, Strength, and Recovery After Boston's Worst Day," which you can find on Amazon

The Boston Marathon terrorist meant to change the fate of many people's lives, but what he didn't intend on was changing lives for the better. Uplifting, inspiring, and even romantic stories such as Sdoia's prove that sometimes good can come out of evil. 

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