8-Year-Old Receives Newly-Furnished Room After Being Homeless

After being homeless for some time, a Detroit mother and her 8-year-old son arrived at their new home to find that their house had been furnished.

A Detroit-based non-profit deserves every praise for going above and beyond to make a little boy who used to be homeless cry tears of joy.

Daeyr, 8, and his mother, Dionna Neely, were delighted to see that their new home was furnished, and their excitement only grew when Humble Design gave them a tour, according to The Grapevine.

After getting a good look at how his new bedroom was now fully furnished, Daeyr became overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears at the 03:57 mark.

According to their Facebook page, Humble Design furnishes homes for families transitioning out of homeless shelters.

Dionna was having a tough time being a single parent to her son after she lost her job as a nurse, and Humble Design saw that she needed help. The mother and son went from living in a shelter to finally getting a place of their own, but all they had was an air mattress to sleep on and some camp chairs.

The homeless population in Detroit, Michigan, went down “12 percent from 2,335 sheltered and unsheltered individuals recorded in January 2016, and it’s a 20 percent reduction overall from 2015-2017," according to The Detroit News.

Humble Design is doing great work by changing the lives of people who need it the most. Some people take having a dining table to sit at for granted, but Daeyr’s reaction proves that things like having your own bed to sleep on in a room filled with your favorite toys are so meaningful. It was a Christmas for them to remember.

It’s very difficult for single parents to get back on their feet after losing a job, but this act of kindness by Humble Design put the biggest smile on Daeyr’s face, and that’s the kind of love and unity the entire world needs.

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