Teenage Boy KOs Bully With Incredible MMA Moves

Bullying can be a traumatic experience for the victim, but in this rare case, one bully learns the lesson of a lifetime after he attacked the wrong person.

Every now and then incidents of bullying surface on the internet, usually accompanied by the news that the victim ended up attempting suicide or living with damaged self-esteem. However, in a rare case, a schoolboy picked the wrong person to bully, and tables turned on him as his victim retaliated and shot back a solid punch.

In the video filmed by an onlooker, a teenager in a black shirt is seen walking up to another in a red T-shirt and shoving him backwards, not once, but twice. The young boy, who seems to have had enough of his schoolmate’s nonsense, drops his bag to the ground and immediately showers his opponent with numerous punches and a kick. He then mounts him and gives him at least four blows to the face.

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Bystanders look on as the two boys toss and turn over one another, until one person finally intervenes. The two teenagers, who seem rather furious and unwilling to give up their fight, are eventually separated, and the bully in the black shirt sheepishly walks away as his victim stands there shoulders squared, all set for another fist fight in case he is attacked.

Hopefully the boy has learned his lesson for life and will never bully anyone again.

Various research shows the negative impact bullying has on children as they grow up. These kids live in constant fear and grow to have confidence in themselves. No one has the right to snatch away a child’s self-esteem and parents and educational institutions need to put an end to bullying. One boy is already doing his part. 

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