Boyfriend Of The Year Gets Girlfriend A Bouquet Of Chicken Nuggets

Since this woman didn’t like flowers, her boyfriend thought of something much more spectacular. He brought her a bouquet… made of chicken nuggets.

If you think every woman’s idea of a romantic date includes a traditional romantic bouquet of flowers, you are mistaken.

What a woman from Manila, Philippines, wanted in place of flowers was, well, food — and she is really lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn't judge her for that.

Nineteen-year-old Annika Aguinaldo was amazed when her boyfriend, Rico Villanueva, gave her a delicious surprise with a bouquet made of chicken nuggets. Aguinaldo took her happiness to Twitter and everyone fell in love with her adorable story.

And why shouldn’t they, this is the most delicious form of true love after all.


The lucky woman didn’t know her tweet would bring her so much love.

"I used to joke around that if ever he were to give me a bouquet, I'd like one of chicken nuggets or chicken wings so I could eat it. Much to my surprise, he took it seriously," she said. "We were going to hang out with my friend who wanted to practice her photography on us and he surprised me beforehand, which is how we got the great moment photographed."

How romantic!

And guess what, the couple is fairly new to the dating scenario. The pair started dating just two months back.

Aguinaldo is still trying to get a handle on all the social media fame.

"When I posted the tweet, I really didn't think it would catch the attention of many. What Rico did to me was something so 'him' that it didn't seem out of the ordinary," she commented. "But I'm happy that other people see something that I've known for a long time: That I'm one lucky girl to have a guy like him as my best friend and boyfriend."

Can relationship goals be defined any more accurately? Probably not.

The Twitterati had a lot to say about it:







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