Brad Pitt Stops To Help Little Girl Being Crushed By Crowd Of Fans

While greeting a crowd of fans in Gran Canaria, Spain, Brad Pitt saw a little girl in danger of being trampled and he stopped to help her without hesitation.


Actor and humanitarian, Brad Pitt, is currently filming a new movie in Gran Canaria, Spain, The Huffington Post Reports.

He recently stepped out to greet some adoring fans when he saw a little girl pressed up against a barricade, being smashed by a mob of people behind her who were all trying to get a glimpse of the superstar.

Pitt — a father of six — jumped into “daddy mode” upon noticing the girl and went over to her. He put his hand out to help her and then had a security guard come over to pull her out of the crowd.

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Meanwhile, the whole scenario was being captured on video by onlookers.

While the young girl appeared unharmed, she was probably shaken up, nervous, and in shock, among a slew of other emotions.

After being pulled from the crowd, Pitt endearingly held the girl’s head in his hand.

In that moment, Pitt wasn’t a big time Hollywood actor and he wasn’t half of “Brangelina.” He was a human being who couldn’t passively walk by seeing a child in danger with everyone else around being more concerned with snapping photos of him than helping her.

This is just one more reason to swoon over the beloved actor. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Juan Medina

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