Brave Journalist Magnificently Takes Down Dude Who Posted Her Nudes

"When you go low, it tells me I'm doing something right, and that you are pitifully unarmed to deal with me as an equal," wrote Twitter user Vonny Moyes.

It's a sad trend pervasive in internet culture: Pathetic dude with a chip on his shoulder gets ahold of nude photos and, in a disgusting act of sexism, publishes them for the world to see. The world, however, is changing, and the naked female body has become far less of a taboo subject. 

Scotland-based journalist Vonny Moyes refused to be intimidated by the scumbag who posted naked pictures of her. She took to Twitter to call him out, and it was an incredible display of feminine strength against misogyny. 

She hit him right where it hurts. These epic tweets speak for themselves: 

Most of Twitter rallied behind Moyes, and the support was beautiful. 

The perpetrator, for his part, appears to have realized the colossal mistake he made because his account can't be located. Is anybody sad about this? No? Didn't think so. 

On the behalf of women everywhere, we're sending a collective "thank you" to Moyes. It takes major chutzpah to stand up to sexists shaming womanhood, and it will absolutely not be tolerated.

Bottom line: our bodies; our pictures.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @vonny_bravo

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