Fight Between Customer And Busboy Turns Into A Steakhouse Brawl

All hell broke loose at Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar in Atlanta when a customer punched a staff member for smiling at his female companion.

Plates flew and glasses shattered as a Mother’s Day dinner turned into an all-out melee at an Atlanta restaurant.

As police reports indicate, the fight at Kiku Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar started when a customer accused a busboy, Demonte Harrison, of smiling at his female companion. When the employee said smiling was a part of his job, the patron responded by punching him in the face before three other men reportedly joined him.

To defend one of their own, other restaurant employees also intervened, turning the altercation into a massive brawl that sent diners looking for cover.

The video of the incident, captured by a young girl who was eating at the steakhouse with her family, clearly shows staff members throwing trays, shelves and other kitchen items at the patrons while the other party does the same.

Here’s another clip:


Thankfully, no one sustained any major injuries.

The owner of the place said the scuffle made a number of diners leave the place without paying their bills, causing the eatery to lose about $5,000.

The police are looking for the man responsible for the fight along with his companions.

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