Breitbart Mistakes Photo From Cavs Parade For Crowd At Trump Rally

A right-wing media outlet used an old photo from this year’s parade for the Cleveland Cavaliers championship victory to depict a Florida Donald Trump rally

Conservative news publication Breitbart tried to pull the wool over our eyes by publishing a photo of a Donald Trump rally in Jacksonville, Florida that was actually an image from the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA championship parade.

According to Mediaite, a Trump supporter named Tatiana Wright initially posted the photo on Twitter and captioned it: “#US: look at #Trump #TrumpRally crowd in #Jacksonville #Florida! This is how #US #Democracy looks like!”

Breitbart staffers must have come across the erroneous tweet and got duped into believing the photo was really from the rally because they used it on their website to accompany a story titled, “Trump’s Jacksonville Rally Draws 15,000.”

Conrad Kaczmarek — among other confused Twitter users — caught the blunder and called Breitbart out by screenshotting their site and sharing it on the social network.

The article written by Alex Swoyer has since removed the image and added an update acknowledging the mistake. “UPDATE: A photograph that was incorrectly attributed on social media to the rally in Jacksonville has been removed,” the message reads.

While Trump’s Jacksonville rally did attract a huge audience that packed the city’s Veterans Memorial Arena, it didn’t come close to the crowd of 1.3 million who came far and wide to celebrate the newly crowned NBA champions back in June.

This is far from the first time that Breitbart has cried wolf, last year the site came under fire for publishing a story that accused prominent Black Lives Matter leader Shaun King of being white. Their attempt to make King into a “Rachel Dolezal pt. 2” backfired big time when King took to Twitter to hit them back with facts.

Nice try Breitbart, but with careless mistakes like these, your credibility is quickly spiraling down the drain. 

Banner Photo Credit: Flickr user FirstEnergy Corp.

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