Man Goes Deaf After Eating The World's Spiciest Noodles

The chef had to drink six glasses of water and a shake, take off his shirt and soak his head in water to recover from the spice in the noodles.

Eating an entire plate of the world’s “hottest noodles” didn’t go very well for a 22-year-old British chef who was seen sweating, soaking his head in water and turning red soon after.

Ben Sumadiwiria downed a dish of the “death noodles” at a small restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia. Apparently, the dish contained 100 bird’s eye chilies that were crushed to bring it to the required spice level, and has a Scoville rating (a measurement of the spice level of chili peppers) of 20 million, while Tabasco sauce is just on the 5,000 level in comparison.

Sumadiwiria evidently couldn’t handle the spice in the noodles as he went deaf for two minutes and later threw up several times in the street.

“I’m not really partial to spicy food but when somebody throws down a challenge I just can’t say no. I went temporarily deaf and my mouth was burning for hours afterwards,” he recalled while talking about the experience.

 Sumadiwiria who is a full-time chef and video maker has Indonesian parents, and had come to meet family living near the restaurant when he took on the challenge. But six glasses of water, a milkshake and cold banana later, he was still regretting his decision.

Interestingly, the young chef wasn’t the only one to have reacted so badly to the noodle dish. All the people who were brave enough to try the cuisine out did eventually throw up on the street, and while Sumadiwiria made it through the entire plate, many others just gave up halfway.

“That was fun. I haven’t had so much fun in a long time,” the daring chef said at the end of his video.

Check it out above. 

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