These Memes Perfectly Capture The Experience Of A British Heat Wave

As Britain endured its hottest July day on record, the Internet reacted to the hot English weather with some hilarious photos and memes.

This year brought the hottest July day on record in Britain with temperatures of 36.7°C (98°F) recorded at Heathrow Airport in London.

The hot weather beat the previous record for the month of July from 2006.

“As temperatures reached 36.7°C at Heathrow, commuters were facing difficult journeys on the London Underground. One platform at Kings Cross underground station recorded 33°C; however, the temperature on tubes is believed to be even hotter,” the Guardian reported.

As the heat wave wreaked havoc on citizens for almost two days, some decided to cool down temperaments by making light of the hot weather with hilarious memes.


Thankfully, thunder, lightning and hail is cooling off weather across the north of the country.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Pixabay, vargazs

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