Fearless Restaurant Worker Fends Off Knife-Wielding Thief With A Ladle

The surveillance footage showed a masked man walking inside Chen’s Garden in Brooklyn and brandishing his knife at the person behind the counter.

A thief in Brooklyn got more than he bargained for after entering a Chinese restaurant and coming face-to-face with an incredibly brave employee and the gutsy owner, who forced him to flee the establishment empty-handed.

The would-be-robber, wanted in connection with an alleged robbery spree in the area, walked into Chen’s Garden wearing a hood and mask to hide his face. The surveillance video showed the thief pulling out a large knife from under his clothes and ordered the employee behind the counter to hand over the money.

He then tried to hop over the counter, but eatery’s owner Yan Lin and cook Liu Chun thwarted his attempts.

“I wasn’t scared,” Yan told the New York Daily News. “Maybe because I own the restaurant and I didn’t want him to take the money.”

She said she ran towards the man with her own knife just as the chef came out waving a kitchen utensil — a soup ladle, to be precise.

“I turned around and saw the guy ... and I picked up my knife. I didn’t want him to jump over the counter, so I decided to fight back,” the 40-year-old recalled. “My chef was yelling and cursing at him, and maybe because the guy saw more people he turned around and left. I was very grateful that (Chun) helped.”

NYPD believes the suspect caught on the surveillance footage is also involved in at least three robberies in the neighborhood. The same masked man allegedly robbed a Baskin-Robbins worker of $533 and brandished his knife at a cashier at a KFC/Taco Bell a block away, stealing nearly $900 from the cash register.

Previously, he also robbed $320 from a nearby Dunkin' Donuts, according to the police.

Watch the video above to find out how the employee was able to fend off the knife-wielding thief armed only with a large spoon.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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