Restaurant Bill Reminds Customers 'Immigrants Make America Great'

A restaurant in New York is responding to Trump’s anti-immigration stance by reminding customers that immigrants are a vital part of America.

Restaurant Kiwiana in Brooklyn, New York, is making its stance on President Donald Trump’s immigration ban loud and clear with a strong message printed on the bottom of its bills.

An image of one such bill handed to NBC News contributor Mary Emily O'Hara has been retweeted around 84,000 times and received approximately 231,000 likes.


“Immigrants make America great (they also cooked your food and served you today),” it reads.

Apparently, printing the message on the bills was Chef Mark Zimmons’ idea.


Zimmons is himself an immigrant who came to America “with pretty much nothing” and “built himself up from there.” “I know the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant,” he said, proudly stating that he supports migrants living in the U.S.

"It's a show of support for all those families that are being torn apart,” the chef said.

He added with the message on the bill, he hopes to remind people that immigrants are the ones serving them in various industries. They are also found largely in the hospitality sector and are often the ones cooking and serving the food in most restaurants. Considering the important role they play in making America what it is today, they should be appreciated for their work and welcomed to the country instead of being targeted and subjected to racism.

Zimmons clarified the note on the bill would remain until the situation gets better.

Quite absurdly, instead of actually appreciating the message for what it is, and discussing the restaurant and immigrants, internet users began talking about the price of the food at the eatery, and even discussed how ridiculously expensive New York is.




However, there were a few who acknowledged that America is mostly made up of immigrants anyway.




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