Heartbreaking Moment 3-Year-Old Was Stopped From Hugging His Sister

A toddler's unadulterated joy for his big sister's big moment quickly turned into a moment of harsh reality.

There is no love that quite matches up to the love siblings have for each other.

A recently surfaced video shows a 3-year-old boy running toward his big sister after she won her high school basketball state championship, but an organizer interrupted the sweet moment by deciding to step in and shove the toddler away from the team.

The expressions on the brother and sister’s face were heartbreaking.

It was a big moment for Sydney Levy, who plays the junior guard on the Appleton, Wisconsin, North Lightning girl’s basketball team.  So of course, her younger brother Jaylen was really excited.

However, Deb Hauser, a Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association official, turned the happy moment into a sad one. 

The clip shows the brokenhearted kid turn back to his parents.

The Levys were pretty shocked themselves.

Their dad posted the video on Twitter, letting everyone know how his son felt after his special moment was destroyed.


Several people criticized Hauser for her harsh behavior.




The association issued a statement on the incident citing safety as being the major reason of not letting players interact with anyone on the court.

“For the safety of the players, coaches, media and spectators, as well as conducting the award ceremonies in a proficient and efficient manner, the WIAA does its best to keep spectators from entering onto the court at any time. We encourage players, their families, classmates and others to celebrate and exchange their congratulations, as well as share their joy at the appropriate time after the ceremonies.”

Hauser also defended her actions.

“There was also a special needs student attempting to get down from the staging that we had set up for the awards ceremony when this small unauthorized and unattended young boy came over the player bench. I needed to make sure he stayed off the floor and that the player went with the other members of her team to the locker room — as you will see in the video the other members of her team were clearly leaving the floor,” she said. “My eyes were on the boy coming off that staging as it appeared he was struggling to get down.”

The 3-year-old was allowed to meet his sister in the locker room after the court cleared out, but watching his special moment ruined was extremely sad.

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