Brothers Horrified To Learn How Thanksgiving Turkey Is Made

A father posted a photo on Reddit of his two young sons’ hilarious reactions upon discovering that families cook turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Oftentimes children’s innocent minds don’t connect the dots on some harsh realities of life, but once they finally do, it turns their whole world upside down.

Such was the case for two young boys who learned the devastating fate of the turkey they are about to eat on Thanksgiving.

Reddit user ryancav shared a split image of his two boys during a moment that will likely change Thanksgiving for them for many years to come.

In the top photo, the children are posing with bright smiles on their faces while holding a book titled “Terry the Turkey” and a stuffed animal turkey.

The bottom photo depicts the boys hysterically crying while gazing into the oven, seemingly searching for their buddy “Terry” who is going to go into their tummies on Thursday.

When the kids find out what happened to Terry the Turkey from funny

The two brothers seemed completely horrified by their new discovery and probably wish with all their might that they could turn back the hands of time to when they were so blissfully ignorant of the cruel ways of the world.

Of course, a Reddit post would be incomplete without commenters chiming in with hilarious anecdotes and sarcastic tidbits. One commenter predicted that the boys’ parents “just made 2 vegans,” while another asserted that this illustrates how the Tofurkey came about.

There comes a time in every child’s life when they have to stop associating animals with animated characters and face the facts, but let’s just hope for their sanity that their parents hold off on revealing the truth about Santa for at least one more year. 

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