Brothers Fake Zombie Apocalypse To Prank Drugged Up Little Sister

Two brothers got together to prank their sister while she was groggy on medication. Surprisingly, the girl still had her thoughts perfectly together.

Millicent Phillips, a young girl from Washington, D.C., was not looking forward to getting her wisdom teeth removed. And little did she know, her brothers were plotting to prank her soon after her dental misery and record it all on camera.

The video shows young Millicent seated in the car after her procedure when her brother, Cabot Phillips, took advantage of the fact that his little sister was highly medicated and groggy.

Faking a zombie apocalypse in the city with the help of well-timed radio broadcasts and calls from their mother, he got his sister to believe a virus had broken out and that they were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

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Pulling up in the driveway, the brother pretended to collect a few things to fight off the zombies including some garden equipment, while Millicent’s other brother gave her a quick lesson on how to protect herself.

However, the icing to it all was when the poor girl was told that she could just take one pet, and then asked her to choose between the cat and the dog. Interestingly, even when Millicent was high on the medication, she was mentally prepared to face the zombies, and knew Costco would be a “bloodbath.” She also seemed rather confused when her brothers revealed the truth that there was in fact no zombie apocalypse.

Check out the hilarious prank video above.

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