Bullied 10-Year-Old Gets The Best Kind Of Backup On His Way To School

Local bikers joined together to escort a badly bullied 10-year-old to school. Called a "wall of leather and steel," it was sure to scare off any future bullies.

After intense bullying at his school in Nova Scotia, Canada, 10-year-old Xander Rose was escorted to class by hundreds of local motorcyclists who literally had his back on Wednesday morning, according to HuffPost. He was even outfitted in his own leather vest.

Rose has been subjected to bullying about his weight and race. Things have gotten so intense, he's had his clothes ripped off his back and was jumped on the bus. He was even sent death threats. 

Rose's mom, Katie Laybolt, reached out to the Arizona-based children's advocacy nonprofit group that's run by bikers, Defenders of Children, after nothing came of turning to the school board, other parents, and local nonprofits.

Defenders of Children began making inquiries to local bikers, asking if they'd help the little motorcycle enthusiast out — and about 200 bikers showed up, according to CBC News.

Biker and organizer of the event Mike Basso called the commute "exhilarating," CBC News reported. He said he hopes Rose knows that he can turn to the biker community for support.

"We want the kids to know they're safe going to school," he said. "We are going to provide them with a wall of leather and steel."

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Daisy DoubleOh

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