George Bush: Attending Inauguration Would 'Put Me Six Feet Under’

Following reports that former President George H.W. Bush had been hospitalized Wednesday, a hilarious letter he sent to President-elect Donald Trump surfaced online.

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Early Wednesday, news broke that former President George H.W. Bush had been hospitalized due to respiratory issues.

Shortly after, it was announced that he was in stable condition and “responding very well” to treatment. While he is expected to be able to return home in a matter of days, he will not be present for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.

Interestingly enough, Bush and former first lady Barbara — who was also hospitalized on Wednesday — were not planning to attend the ceremony even before this week’s health scare, which was explained in a hilarious letter addressed to Trump and dated Jan. 10.

While the couple’s declining health isn’t necessarily a laughing matter, the former president’s assertion that sitting outside would put him and his wife “six feet under” does elicit a chuckle, or, at the very least, a smirk.

Bush essentially said that attending Trump’s inauguration would actually kill him, which could be taken both literally and figuratively.

Let’s not forget that prior to Election Day, Bush made headlines for saying he would be going against his own party by voting for Hillary Clinton. That moment was a very clear and profound indication that he was no fan of Trump’s, and that likely has not changed.

Who knows? Bush may have been willing to risk his life to watch the first female president get inaugurated, had Clinton won. But now, with his health issues wreaking havoc, he has a bulletproof excuse to miss an event that he probably never wanted to attend in the first place.

As the oldest-living former president, his presence would have made a great impact on the significance of Trump’s inauguration — which is already expected to have low attendance.

As it currently stands, Jan. 20 is shaping up to be a really pathetic day for Trump. 

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