Hotel Assault Video Sparks Fierce Debate In China

A Chinese woman was beaten and choked in full view of security cameras and multiple passersby, but no one stepped in to help her.

Surveillance footage from a hotel in Beijing, China, has stirred a social media firestorm in the country.

A woman, who goes by the alias Wanwan, recently shared a clip of her alleged assault on Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo, where it soon went viral. The footage (posted above) shows a man following a young Chinese woman from an elevator to her room before grabbing her and trying to pull her in another direction. When she resists, he pushed her down to the ground and tries to choke her.

What’s more shocking is the fact that this all took place in front of the hotel staff and hotel guests, none of whom came forward to help her despite her cries for help. The man, who the woman says is a stranger, proceeded to fish out his cell phone and call someone for backup but it took another few minutes until a female hotel guest intervened and the victim got a chance to run to safety.

“I kept asking the cleaner for help and said, ‘I don’t know him, he can’t even say my name,’ but the cleaner didn’t pull him away,” Wanwan wrote on social media, according to The Washington Post. “The whole incident lasted five to six minutes, in a place entirely covered with surveillance cameras, yet not a single security or hotel management staff member came out to help me.”

The woman claims the local police refused to file an official complaint at first, though when the video began making rounds on internet and led women’s rights group to stage a protest in front of the hotel, they finally opened an investigation.

It has also started a fierce debate about domestic abuse and violence against women in the country.

As the Chinese media reported, the authorities arrested the alleged perpetrator of the attack in Xuchang, a city more than 750 km from the Chinese capital.

Incidents like these are a horrible reminder of how the world is gradually losing its humanity.

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