Café Offers Liam Neeson ‘Free Food’ As A Joke, Actor Drops By For Real

A restaurant manager, who happens to be a Liam Neeson fan, posted a sign outside the eatery, soon after which the celebrity turned up asking for free food.

A manager of Big Star Sandwich Co., a restaurant in Vancouver, got to know Liam Neeson, who is one of his favorite actors, was filming for his movie called “Hard Powder.”

Excitedly, Alex Johrden chalked out a note on the notice board outside his eatery that read “Liam Neeson eats here for free.” His employees then played along and posted a picture of the notice on the restaurant’s Instagram page.

Obviously, Johrden didn’t expect the celebrity to actually turn up at the eatery to ask for free food. But he was in for the surprise of his life.


When you hear #LiamNeeson is filming in #downtownnewwest

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The evening Johrden put out the notice, the café door opened and in walked the actor. “We absolutely did not think he’d actually show up,” the ecstatic manager told HuffPost.

“Holy s**t!” exclaimed one employee who was busy preparing sandwiches around the time Neeson entered.

The Taken actor then in a stern voice asked: “Where’s my free sandwich?”

Neeson, who was short on time, didn’t take the sandwich but made sure to click a photo before running out of the door.


Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

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Restaurant operators believe the actor might have heard of the sign via members of the production crew who had come into the restaurant several times that day. 

 “We’re hoping he comes back in to take us up on the offer,” Johrden told HuffPost.

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