Canadian Rapper Learns Not To Ask For Fake IDs On Twitter, Ever

This Canadian rapper thought buying fake IDs on Twitter was a good idea, but he didn’t know the police are also active on social media.

A young Canadian rapper just learned how not to use Twitter.

Twitter user @Adam_Earis, who describes himself as an aspiring rap artist and a resident of Winnipeg, wanted a fake ID — which obviously is a perfectly illegal item— and had the brilliant idea to ask how to go about acquiring it on Twitter, of all places.

On Sunday, Earis tweeted out a request to anyone involved in shady businesses on how to get a fake ID card if you are underage — but the reply he got was completely unexpected.



Apparently, the Winnipeg Police Service is very vigilant. In hindsight, Earis should have expected this, as requesting criminal items on social media forums is hardly the wisest thing to do.

However, Earis remained completely unfazed by the knowledge that the police were on to him. Instead, the rapper turned it into an opportunity to promote his music label.



“I’d like to take this 5 minutes of fame to promote my mixtape, coming soon to iTunes, stay tuned” Earis sent out in another tweet.

The Winnipeg police thought his quip was enough to let him off the hook.



The rapper has succeeded in sweet-talking not just the police but the Twitterati as well.




Earis is using an image of the infamous and very fake State of Hawaii ID of McLovin, which gained popularity from the movie “Superbad,” as his Twitter profile pic.

No release date of the aforementioned album was given.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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