Cancer Survivor's Ad Seeking Friend Receives Hundreds Of Requests

"This is my second year outside of school and I'm trying to turn my life around even though I haven't got a great amount going right for me," Kosovich wrote.

Cancer strips a person of pretty much everything — including would-be friendships. 

That's what happened to Jordan Kosovich, 19, a lonely cancer survivor who missed out on much of his childhood due to the disease. The teen posted an ad to Gumtree, a UK-based classified ads website, seeking friendships from people who are around his age, Elite Daily reports via Mail Online.

The ad reads,

"Hey, my name is Jordan I'm 19 years old. I'm looking for some mates either guys or girls around my age I don't mind.

I have never had a chance to have a proper social life because when I was 7 years old I got diagnosed with cancer (leukaemia) [sic] which I had for 4 years. I couldn’t be more proud that I survived it, but in all honesty the day I found out I had cancer my childhood stopped in its tracks and it never recovered.

Which meant I missed out on a great deal of social time, which made it really challenging for me during primary school because I missed 2 years as I was too sick to go. Things didn't get any better for me throughout high school it was a really horrible experience for me no one ever gave me a chance no matter what.

Most recently I have tried to get know people outside of the environment where I have met them, but when I have tried to, they just haven't given me a chance when I just wanted to be friends with them.

This is my second year outside of school and I'm trying everything to turn my life around even though I haven't got a great amount going right for me at the moment.

I feel like I have never had any luck so I thought it was the time that I needed to try something different in an attempt to turn my life around. I want to feel like a normal 19 year old for once and just do everything I should be doing at my age.

If you're interested in talking add me on Facebook and chuck me a message."

Speaking with Mail Online, Kosovich said he struggled with his weight due to chemotherapy drugs, and he was a victim of bullying.

"It’s the worst thing to have happen to you because the drugs they give you are so strong you lose all your hair, and you get really overweight because one of them makes you eat a lot," he said. "I was too weak to defend myself, being overweight due to the cancer. Plus, I was a really shy, quiet kid which made me the perfect target."

Kosovich said he thought posting the ad to Gumtree was "a crazy thing to do," but "was struggling," and wanted to try a new tactic. He was inspired by Ray Johnstone, 72, who posted an ad looking for someone to go fishing with after his best friend died.

The ad has apparently been viewed more than 5,000 times after it was shared on social media sites, and Kosovich has received hundreds of messages on Facebook. 

It's a sweet ending to a story that is, in fact, just beginning for a teen cancer survivor with the whole world ahead.

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