Car Crashes Into Wendy's After Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Shockingly, neither drugs nor alcohol played a role in the accident, and there were no deaths or injuries. The Wendy's storefront, however, was annihilated.

Driving while feeling sleepy can be just as deadly as driving while intoxicated. A motorist in West Virginia is living (thankfully) proof of this after dozing off at the wheel and smashing into a Wendy's head-on, AOL reports.

Seriously  the picture of the accident, posted to Facebook by Putnam County Sheriff, is nothing short of remarkable. Incredibly, no one was hurt.

The post reads,

"A vehicle struck the Teays Valley Wendy's on 01/15/2017 after the driver of the vehicle fell asleep while traveling in the far right lane of WV Route 34, crossed the northbound lanes of traffic, went over the curb, across the parking lot, and ran into the building at the entrance and exit doors becoming lodged in the doorway. The building suffered significant damage, there were no injuries in this crash, and it was NOT drug or alcohol related."

The collision calls to mind a recent incident in Florida wherein a woman having a "bad day" plowed her SUV into a T-Mobile shop. Or the time an elderly woman accidentally crashed her Jeep into a restaurant in Michigan. Thankfully, no one died or was seriously injured in either episode. 

It would be most excellent if everybody could please stop running their vehicles into businesses.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Flickr, Mike Mozart

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