The Exact Moment A Pickpocketer Discovered He Is On CCTV

After a petty thief realized he had been caught red-handed on the surveillance cameras, he decided to save face and did something unexpected instead.

A man thought he had committed the perfect crime after stealing a wallet from a man’s back pocket at an ATM in Cardiff, United Kingdom. However, he later changed his mind and decided to return it back, after realizing a CCTV camera had filmed him in the act.

The video showed a man standing behind his potential victim, rubbing hands before he casually took out the wallet from the man’s left back pocket.

He then placed it in his jacket, but just as he decided to leave, he looked around him just to be safe — and guess what? He wasn’t safe.

The moment he turned left he realized that a CCTV camera was recording him, so he decided to do something completely unexpected: He looked straight in the camera and apologized with a hand gesture.

He then took the stolen wallet out of his jacket, showed it to the camera before quickly thinking of a plan and throwing the stolen item on the ground. He then tapped the unaware robbery victim on the shoulder and pointed toward the fallen wallet like a Good Samaritan.

The video of the amateur thief soon went viral. While many social media users think he should be charged for his crime, others think it’s just too funny.



Some think that the wallet lifter, who has clearly not picked too many pockets, was not a bad guy at all.


Many people think that this entire video was staged.



Whatever the case, beware of the people around you, especially when you are all by yourself.

Note to the not-so-wise wallet lifter: If this was an attention-seeking attempt, you win, but you definitely lose at stealing. Change your plans and go for a respectable profession — acting may be an option.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters
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