Video Of Cats Ringing Bells For Food Mesmerizes The Internet

Cats rule the internet, our hearts and now, apparently, also their humans.

A clip of two cats ringing bells in exchange for treats is taking the internet by storm.

Sure, it doesn't sound that exciting but when you see how motivated these felines are, you might change your mind.

It’s actually the real-life result of a Pavlovian-style experiment, where a dog was made to associate the sound of a bell with the presentation of food.

Now, cats are getting in on the fun and in this particular experiment, it almost looks like they’re the ones training the human. The adorable footage shows the two cats pawing at a bell and then given a treat.

People on Twitter can’t stop watching. The video has been retweeted more than 165,000 times as of this posting, and it’s been liked more than 240,000 times. Either these cats are really well trained, or, as some have suggested, perhaps the humans are.

Here is how the Internet reacted to these intelligent cats:




Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Goran Tomasevic

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