Man Risks Crash To Save Terrified Kitten Abandoned On A Busy Highway

The tiny kitten would have probably met with an untimely demise in the middle of the highway if this man had not come to its rescue.

This kitten may be the luckiest animal alive.

CCTV footage from Kaliningrad, Russia, captured a tiny cat sitting huddled in the middle of a busy highway. How the helpless animal got there remains unknown but it was hit at least once and went sprawling. Perhaps it fell from a passing car or was injured and was unable to move, or maybe it was too young to walk. Nevertheless, it sat frozen in the middle of the road as several vehicles swerved to avoid hitting it. Several huge trucks simply just passed over the terrified cat.

It looked like the little kitten would soon meet a grisly end when one car stopped just a few inches from it. The driver got out, petted the cat, then picked it up and took it back to his car.

A Russian newspaper tracked down the man who saved the little cat, and interviewed him about what propelled him to take the animal home with him.

Kaliningrad resident Denis Degtyarev said the little animal “was so helpless that I could not pass by.” He also added the cat was so young it needed help even to feed.

Degtyarev took the furry animal home to his kids and later with the help of his friend, succeeded in finding it a home.

People who watched the CCTV footage released by Safe City Kaliningrad have commended the man for his act.

“At least one person finally stopped. Man, TF is wrong with some people? Bless this dude,” said one YouTube user.

“The humanity still has hope?,” said another.

Others have expressed traffic concerns over the man stopping in the middle of the road, but since the rescue caused no mishap, they also agree the man was a godsend for the creature.

“Very risky and dangerous to stop a car in the middle of the highway is the main reason why so many didn’t stoped. (sic) doing something like this requires some preparation and carefulness (slowing down slowly/early to signal drivers behind what your intention is + being careful while opening the door and watch out for speeding cars). huge (sic) respect for this guy he did everything correct in this situation.? (sic)

“Putting everyone’s lives at risk for a kitty cat has never felt so right,” said another.

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