Real-Life Heroes Pull Elderly Couple Out Of Burning Plane Wreckage

The two occupants of the plane had “traumatic injuries,” but thankfully, the freeway commuters were quick to administer first aid.


In an act that will revive your faith in humanity, bystanders rushed to pull the injured passengers to safety after a small plane crashed and burned on a freeway near southern California.

The heroic scene took place on Friday, when a small twin-engine Cessna 310 crashed on Interstate 405 near John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California. The plane crashed to the ground and in a split second was engulfed in black smoke and flames.

A video of the horrific incident was shot by witness Mirza Baig while he was driving on the freeway. He was one of the people who rushed to help the two injured passengers.

As soon as he saw the plane crash, Baig pulled over and sprinted across the oncoming traffic to the wreckage. Two other men had gotten there before him and were already pulling out the wounded pilot from the wrecked vehicle.

At some distance, an elderly woman was lying across the road and commuters were putting a make-shift compress on her head, which was bleeding profusely.

“Is there anyone else in the plane?” someone shouted but thankfully the injured pilot shook his head no. A man came up to the pilot and cut off his shirt to check for injuries while another man took off his shoes to see if he could move his toes.

The video ended before the emergency medical responders arrived. The two plane occupants were taken to a local hospital with “traumatic injuries,” according to Orange County Fire Capt. Larry Kurtz.

Officials reported shortly after the plane took off from John Wayne Airport, the pilot declared an emergency and tried to turn around.

In an online recording of the air traffic control radio, the pilot can be heard yelling, “We have a mayday! We have a mayday! I am trying to get altitude. I just lost my right engine.”

Ian Gregor, a spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration, said the crash is still being investigated and circumstances surrounding it still remain unknown.

The plane’s wreckage caused serious traffic congestion in the area but it will not be moved until it is examined by federal investigators.

Miraculously, no deaths were reported in connection to the horrific incident.

The plane clipped a blue pickup truck as it crash-landed. Fortunately, the driver only suffered a bruised elbow. However, his pickup truck was severely damaged and he said he though a large truck had hit them from behind.

“The fact that a plane was able to land and only strike a single vehicle is extraordinary,” Kurtz said.

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